Monday, May 5, 2008

Free OCR v2.0

Free OCR v2.0

Type document into coputer has become one of the work which will done by every officer now a day. Did you imagine and think before, some day will got some one will automatically help you to finish this annoying work? Now, Free OCR is your best assistant, it is a optical text identified software which use to identified text. It can identified the text at the document, image and then turn it into text memory at computer so that user can use it in the future. But becose of the software still new and too small, it is not yet can be read chinese font for this temparary period.

View Free OCR v2.0 page for more information

Resize Your Image

Resize YourImage

Now a day, DC rapid progresst, it can take a large pixel and good quality photo. Although it have no problems to store it, but if want to upload to Internet, normally we need to resize it and cut it to become smallest size. There is a free online software which can help us to do the work now. Resize YourImage free online software give us benefit and it is easy to use. User just need to upload their photo and then use the Resize YourImage free online software to resize and rotate it. It is suitable for all level user use, that is becose it need not any technic and also no need to instore any software.

You can now use Resize YourImage web side to resize your photo.