Tuesday, February 12, 2008

IT is essential today

The world today are IT dependent, especially for the Small & Medium scale industries. In order to provide the SMI with a total IT solutions, Everise Sales Sdn. Bhd. Are trying to offer a wide range of products from the computer hardware including computer, printer, scanner, network solution, File Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server, System software like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Norton Antivirus, third party software like UBS Accounting and so on, to owned develop software solutions like E-Soft ERP System, E-Soft TMS & Payroll System, Biometric Fingerprint Solution and so on.

The manufacturing sectors are so competitive in this age, and therefore to survive in such a competitive world, the manufacturing sectors need to depend heavily in information technology. ERP emerge in order to cater for the needs of the manufacturing sectors. The implementation of ERP systems are aims to reduce cost and on the other hand improve efficiency, and therefore maintain the competitive edge of the industries. As a result, business transactions are done faster by computerization, information is available at the tips of fingers, reports can be generated as a click of mouse. Thus, decision making process will be made much easier & faster. Decision made will be more accurate.

In a more ideal model, the data collection process in the ERP shall be realtime with the help of data collection technology such as barcode and RfiD technology. This will not only eliminate the human error in data collection, but also ensure the data entry are up to date all the time. Although the application of various data collection method are varies from one industries to the others, and the cost of implementation the realtime data collection will be much higher. However, the direction of ERP today shall be toward realtime ERP.

As a matter of fact, the E-Soft Time Management & Payroll System is one of the modules from the E-Soft ERP System. But, in view of the module are having so huge market, and the potential of glow are substantial, therefore it is packages as a separate product for marketing. We make this product realtime with the help of various data collection devices like Proximity Time Clock, Barcode Time Clock and Fingerprint Time Clock. In the E-Soft TMS System, the daily attendance of the employees will be obtained on the spot when the clocking is done. This will not only reduce the tedious work of data entry, but also provide up to date attendance.

System security is another area to emphasis in the computerization process. Therefore, we have built in the E-Soft ERP System with the Fingerprint Biometric login verification. This will ensure the strict control of the data as a whole, and protect the unauthorised access to the ERP System. We also provide consultation and services to help the clients to integrate their in house system with our Fingerprint Biometric security system. With the purchase of Fingerprint SDK, we are now able to develop the application with Fingerprint Biometric verification features. Currently, our PC based Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System are ready for marketing. By the developing this Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System, we are hoping that the small size company with less than 50 employees will be able to own the Fingerprint Biometric clocking system with a minimum cost, replace the traditional punch card
machine. It will save the cost in a long run because the Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System have do away the punch card.