Saturday, March 1, 2008

E-Soft Fingerprint Time Clock System

E-Soft Fingerprint Time Clock System


1. Eliminate Punch Card E-Soft Time Management System includes punch card replacement applications that free your enterprise from the burden of using punch card and retrieve attendance manually from punch card. Attendance will be able to obtained with the touch of a finger. Attendance list will be able to print out with a push of button.
2. Boost security and control Eliminate the fraud of mark attendance or punch card on behalf by using Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance System.
Increase convenience Users do not have to bring anything to work except finger. The attendance will be saved directly to computer.
3. Cut support costs Eliminate the costs of purchase punch card or proximity card.
Minimize administration Included is Administrator Console software that supports remote software deployment, user enrollment, and user administration from anywhere on your network. The software also includes an authentication policy editor that allows domain administrators to tailor individual user policies to meet the security needs of the resources that these users access.

Software Features
Fingerprint Biometric login to the TMS System.
Registration of users name, batch number and finger print template.
Daily Clocking modules.
Print out TMS management report including attendance list, discrepancy listing, lateness and early out reports.
Unlock with fingerprint .

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E-Soft Trading System

Features of E-Soft Trading System

The goal of E-Soft Trading System is to help you concentrate on your sales and your customers. It is designed for those who spend too much time making up purchase orders, counting stock, tracking sales and customers, or preparing invoices. E-Soft Trading System is an organizer, an analyzer and a time saver. Some of it most useful features include:

􀀻 Easy to learn and use - no expensive training required.
􀀻 Sales tracking by product, department and customer.
􀀻 Complete sales and inventory data for every item.
􀀻 Full-featured POS system with slip printer, barcode and cash drawer support.
􀀻 Sales figures for each product.
􀀻 History of daily sales and POS totals.
􀀻 On-screen review and editing of purchase orders.
􀀻 Customer and supplier database with every transaction history.
􀀻 Fast lookups using pick lists.
􀀻 Automatic discounts, price levels, credit limits or tax rates for any customer.
􀀻 A bonus points system to identify and reward your best customers.
􀀻 Flexible sales and inventory reports with on-screen preview.
􀀻 Standard label formats.
􀀻 Optional sales taxes.
􀀻 Sales data exports UBS system for further analysis.
􀀻 Works with all barcode readers.
􀀻 Optional password system accessing.

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