Saturday, November 15, 2008

E-Soft Time Management & Payroll System

Time Management System
Payroll System
Human Resource Management System

E-Soft Time Management System offers the punch card replacement applications that will free your enterprise from the burden of using punch card and retrieve attendance manually from punch card.Attendance will be able to obtain with the help of various electronic time clock:

Time Management System
Electronic Time Attendance
Multi Shift Roaster Scheduling
Daily Attendance Management
Leave Update and Maintenance
Print Attendance List and other Management Reports

Maintain employee leave infomation such as leave entitlement, leave carry from previous year, special leave added, leave taken and leave balance
Levy / Loan
Maintain regulary deduction records, such as load,levy etc.
Intergrated to payroll calculation.
Able to monitor levy expiry and amount pay to particular agent.
Generate detail / summary listing.
Enable to select by particular agent, transaction time frame, deduction code levy expiry date and employee.
Maintain transport master, such as van number, contractor name, charges etc.
Maintain lateness charges table
Link to time management system to generate transport charges for the month
User friendly interface, easy to manage system design
Allowance, deduction over time claim and leave definable code
Automatic PCB tax deduction
Automatic salary calculation
Print out of pay slip, coinage analysis. EPF borang A, Socso borang 81, and on diskette format
Bonus computation and listing
EPF / Socso contribution via diskette
Bank advice listing / auto transfer to bank accounts
Customize of management reports and special company requirement
Health Records
Maintain employee basic health information, such as height, weight, blood type etc.
Maintain employee medical records
Generate medical expenses report
Job History
Maintain employee job history both current or past employment with :
Increase and decrease salary
Changing of department
Promotion or demotion record
Other Features
EPF / Borang A, Socso Borang 8A and CP39 and diskette format
Auto Pay system
Able to display scanned coloured pictured of employee
Report can be exported to Excel / Word files
Advance payment control
Salary revision and bonus scale list
Cost center list