Thursday, August 13, 2009

ISO 14001:2004 EMS Documentation

Section 4.4.4, EMS Documentation, requires that organizations “. . . establish and maintain information, in paper or electronic form, to: 1. describe the core elements of the management system and their interaction; 2. provide direction to related documentation.”
ISO 14001 Section 4.4.5, Document Control, requires that organizations establish and maintain procedures to control all documents required by ISO 14001. The purpose of these document control procedures is to ensure that organizations create and maintain documents sufficient to implementing an EMS.
The procedure must ensure that:
EMS documents can be located
EMS documents are legible, dated (with dates of revisions) and readily identifiable
• EMS documents are maintained in an orderly manner and retained for a specified period
• EMS documents are periodically reviewed, revised as necessary, and approved for adequacy by authorized personnel
• The current versions of relevant documents are available at all locations where they are necessary
• Obsolete documents are promptly removed from all distribution points
• Any obsolete documents retained for legal and/or knowledge preservation purposes must be identified as such.
ISO 14001 Section 4.3.5 also requires that organizations establish procedures and designate responsibilities and
authority regarding the creation and modification of EMS documents.